Pole Mounted Baffle

With this custom designed
mounting system it gives
you the freedom to
easily move, take down
and setup any
​feeding station. 

Last but not least is the base. We carry two sizes... 40lbs. and 80lbs. The weight you choose is dependent on the pole height and feeder size/capacity and if it will be placed in a windy area. 

After the feeder is chosen, its time to mount it to a pole! We have specialized accessories to attach the feeder to the pole....AND we can do it before you walk out the door...for FREE! Boom!

Select the feeder that will work best for you. We have a huge selection in stock and our associates can help you pick out the perfect one!




Looking to keep that hanging feeder safe from unwanted critters? We have a great selection with very quick and easy setups.

With a wide variety of shapes and sizes we have lots of options to keep those critters off of your pole mounted bird feeder.

Hanging Baffle

We have a wide range of pole heights to fit your needs. 2', 3', 4', 4' 6", 6' and 8'. They come in metallic silver finish and also in black. 

An optional addition to keep those pesky Squirrels out of the seed. A raccoon baffle is also available if you have night time visitors!