Water Plants


Looking to add a little green to your beautiful pond or water feature?We're the place to go! From water lilies to floating hyacinths we have it all. Make that pond pop this year with these beautiful additions!

Tips To Keep Your Fish Alive During The Winter 

By Aquascape

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What a better way to relax in the backyard than to listen to the cooling streams of running water. We have bubbling rocks for the garden or deck or maybe add a waterfall to your pond.

For maintenance of your existing pond or if you are looking to add a water feature, we're your one stop shop! Everything you need from pumps, filters, lights & liners to fish medication and algae control products...we have all you need to get started!

Water Features


We offer healthy Koi, Shubunkin, and Sarasa with superior genetics. All fish have been fully quarantined before heading to your pond! Spring & summer we offer snails, tadpoles and mosquito fish too!


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