We also have a large selection of high energy suet cakes, plugs, pellets and icing. Give them that high energy that keeps them happy and healthy! 

With over 50 years of experience, we are willing and waiting to help with any questions. What do you want to attract? What kind of feeder do you have? Do you have squirrels in your feeder? Our experienced staff is here to help with questions, concerns or just to talk about your birding experiences! Stop in any time and have a chat!

Our Other Offerings

Nyjer Thistle

Cracked Corn

Goldfinch Mix

Whole Kernal Corn

Peanut Pieces

Black Oil Sunflower

Sunflower Meats

Striped Sunflower

Peanuts In The Shell

White Safflower

Golden Safflower

Wild Finch Plus

Korimex ® Cardinal Mix

Korimex ® Elite No Waste

Korimex ® Elite

Bird Seed Blends