Houseplants make people happy! As an added bonus they are little air purifying machines! Studies have shown houseplants improve concentration, reduce stress and improve mood. We have plants that are easy to care for and don't require a  degree in horticulture! 


Succulents & Cactus



We have a wide variety of bonsai to choose from and we're sure you'll find one that speaks to you. From the everyday hobbyist to the bonsai master we have the plants and supplies to get you started and keep that bonsai looking great! The Rock River Bonsai Society meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7PM at our Garden Center. Non-Members are welcome to attend the meetings and bring their bonsai with questions on care, training or wiring, or just listen in and observe! 

Do you love plants but your 'green' thumb has turned brown? Try cactus or succulents. EASY to maintain! Our large selection will have you smiling! Plus, we have all the extras you need to keep them healthy and happy.

With their beautiful and unique flowers what could be better then an orchid to brighten up your home. We have the supplies and knowledge to keep that orchid looking healthy. Check our workshop schedule for orchid repotting days! Stunning varieties direct from Hawaii.